BRBytes was formed through a Research Practitioner Partnership between East Baton Rouge Parish School System (EBRPSS) and Louisiana State University (LSU) to bridge the gap in computer science and computational thinking education in Louisiana. The program does this by developing and implementing several middle and high school courses in EBRPSS and the state of Louisiana.

What is the BRBytes study?

The BRBytes research program is currently supported by two Federal grants:

Participating in the USDOE Research

The US Dept. of Education granted LSU $4M to study the impact of Computational Thinking in the learning of Mathematics. If successful, this study will inform development of future courses nationwide that integrate the two subjects. This is a high-stakes study with possible long term benefits.

School requirements

Student Number Calculator

Please enter below the expected number of students that will be enrolled in Algebra I in the 21-22 Academic Year.

Suggested language to include in your recruitment pamphlets, course request forms and other student or parent facing materials:

"BRBytes Sequence: This is a unique course pairing offered in our school, which provides students the opportunity to take two courses: Introduction to Computational Thinking and another introductory LSU STEM Pathways course. Students who join the sequence will take one of the courses the first year and the other course in the following year. The two courses focus on essential STEM skills that are appropriate either for career technical education or for college preparation. "

The BRBytes Sequence

The BRBytes Sequence is two-year, two-course sequence containing:

All students will be able to take both courses, but the order in which each student takes each course will be determined by a coin flip. Students and parents will be informed that the course sequence is two years and that students will be assigned to each individual course by the school.

The sequence begins the year the student takes Algebra I. All the participating students will be divided into 2 groups, and the courses that the student takes will depend on which group the student is in, as the following tables illustrate:

Counselor requirements

Counselors will receive a $450 stipend per year for participating.

Counselors will:

Teacher requirements

Teachers will receive a $4,100 stipend1 per year for participating.

Teachers will:

1: The stipend is subject to state-mandated deductions.