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Computing Pathway Summer Institute 2020

Please go to the SUMMER PD page for more information.

You can click on the button labeled SUMMER PD at the left of this text. In a mobile device, the button will appear before this text.

LSU Pathways Summer Institute

More than 100 teachers are participating in the LSU Pathways Summer Institute 2020 taking courses in one or more of our 4 main Pathways. If you have general questions about the Pathways or specific questions about a Pathway, here is the contact information:

Here is the contact information for the BRBytes grants (NSF and USDoE):
  • BRBytes Principal Investigator: Juana Moreno ☎ (225) 578-7586 📱 (225) 436-6870
  • EBRPSS-LSU Partnership Instructional Specialist: John Underwood 📱 (337) 351-9655