What We Offer

The BRBytes curriculum offers an array of courses that teach students skills to be successful in the 21st century job market. These courses fit the interests of a variety of students by providing education on different subjects, such as cybersecurity, programming, and data manipulation and analysis.

Computer Science in Louisiana Schools

Computer and mathematical occupations are projected to have the largest 10-year growth in Louisiana. However, currently only 23% of public schools are teaching computer science courses. BRBytes is working to expand the reach of computer science until all Louisiana public schools offer these courses.

CS for ALL

Everyone can code!

Progress We Have Made

  • Developed 7 computer science and computational thinking courses for 7-12th grade students
  • Implemented BRBytes curriculum in 30 schools across 14 districts in Louisiana
  • Trained 60+ teachers
  • Currently educating 2,000+ students

Student Gallery

Coding is fun!