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Notice to teachers preparing to get back to school

We know you are all working very hard to get ready for the up coming school year. COVID-19 will change many facets of all our jobs, but we know your dedication and energy will make your students feel welcome and successful. Our team has been working to try and reduce the work/stress load for you too. As schools are preparing for Fall classes, either in-person, virtually or in a hybrid setting, we are also preparing contingency plans to help teachers with the LSU Computing Pathway courses. We are going to approach the start of the school year with 2 time saving steps:

  1. We will be opening up a series of career lessons that you may do with your students until the schedules get settled. These are a part of the 7th grade careers curriculum, but will not have been done by your students before. Each lesson will be set up so you can let students explore the new JumpStart 2.0 pathways through the lens of STEM. These are enrichment to the current class curriculums, and once we get to step 2 can be stopped. They are also great substitute activities if you need them in the future.
  2. We will schedule a time and send you a zoom link to setup your virtual class rosters and go over the portal for classes. We are having student helpers on hand to do this in a 1 on 1 way to reduce stress. We are waiting until the week of the 10th in hopes that schedules will be a bit more set for students and that you will be able to have time to train on all the "new" things that the districts are offering.

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Computing Pathway Summer Institute 2020

Summer Professional Development has finished. Expect to see announcements for the Summer 2021 PD by the end of 2020.

LSU Pathways Summer Institute

More than 100 teachers participated in the LSU Pathways Summer Institute 2020 taking courses in one or more of our 4 main Pathways. If you have general questions about the Pathways or specific questions about a Pathway, here is the contact information:

Here is the contact information for the BRBytes grants (NSF and USDoE):
  • BRBytes Principal Investigator: Juana Moreno ☎ (225) 578-7586 📱 (225) 436-6870
  • EBRPSS-LSU Partnership Instructional Specialist: John Underwood 📱 (337) 351-9655